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Best Practices At MGS

Best Practices At MGS

Academic Advisory Board

Academic Advisory Board for MGS was constituted in the year 2010 with an aim to enhance the academic standards of the schools. The Academic Advisory Board constitutes academicians and educational administrators of national repute in the K12 segment.

Integrated Units

The interdisciplinary approach adopted at MGS, helps students to develop knowledge, insights, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, self-efficacy, and a passion for learning. This approach makes students think critically, tolerate ambiguity, acknowledge and appreciate ethical concerns

Group Activities

Collaborative approach adopted in the classroom enable children realize the importance of group work for success in today's competitive world.

The properly structured group projects develop the ability in students to break complex tasks into parts and steps, plan and manage time, refine understanding through discussion and explanation, give and receive feedback on performance, challenge assumptions, and develop stronger communication skills.

Child Centered Learning

A wide variety of educational methods and learning strategies encompassing the distinct learning needs allows students to do away with the rote teaching and tedious drill. The method focuses on development of skills and practices that enable independent problem-solving and lifelong learning.

Communication Lab

Realizing the need of the hour, the MGS has come up with the concept of Communication Lab for improving students linguistic skills like listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any profession. It is not confined to writing an examination and getting a degree or award. The four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking have to be practiced. The communication laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process.

Virtual Learning (I-cloud)

Virtual classes are conducted by subject experts on various topics to help students avail the experience of expert learning.

A Virtual Learning Environment or learning platform, is an online system that allows teachers to share educational materials with their pupils via the web. Teachers have the opportunity to create an exciting virtual space to represent their room.

Remedial and Counselling Cell

A special remedial and counselling cell is functional in MGS with an objective to offer help, support services, guidance to children with special needs.


With an aim of improving the quality of education and to make learning more interactive and enjoyable. The classrooms are well equipped with a range of e-learning facilities.

Internal Academic audits

To review the effectiveness and efficiency of the academic standards in schools annual academic audits are conducted.

Centralized Exam

A Centralized Examination Committee has been formed to ensure a uniform school evaluation procedures and thus maintain the set educational standards.

Mentor-Mentee System

The main aim of the mentor-mentee system initiated at MGS is to build capacity within the schools by providing a Mentor to teachers and students respectively for achieving academic excellence.

Teacher's Proficiency Test

Teachers Proficiency Test is conducted online for all teachers every year. This helps teachers in unlearning & relearning of the concepts. It is a tool to test the proficiency of the teachers in their respective subjects.

Grand Challenges Canada

Grand Challenges Canada Meghe Group of Schools jointly with Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DMIMS) is one of the five institutes to receive the grant for their innovative project which aims at Scaling Early Childhood Development at Anganwadi centers of tribal area of Nagpur and Wardha districts of Maharashtra, India.

Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board for MGS was constituted in 2010 with an aim to enhance the academic standards. The Academic Advisory Board includes members of national repute in the field of education. The annual AAB meet contributes to the growth of quality education standards, collaboration with International institutions, for academic enhancement & implementation of innovative ideas for the holistic development of MGS.


For the continuous enhancement of the teaching - learning process and measuring the effectiveness of evaluation method and ensuring the quality standards, the schools have undergone various accreditations. Two of our schools are NABET accredited and one is ISO 9001 : 2000 certified. We aim to add more schools under NABET umbrella.

Academic Audits

Academic audits are conducted annually to assess & endorse that the school meets the established standards. It helps in upgrading the standards and encourages continuous self-assessment, accountability & autonomy in innovation of school education. The guidance by the Academic Audit members also encourages capacity building and professional development of the teachers. These audits are conducted in all the constituent schools of MGS.

Intellectual Development

Competitive Exams:

Special coaching is imparted to students right from the age of 12 to 17 through the integrated Techno Vision & Varsity Program. This program is especially designed to develop the aptitude of the students for various competitive exams like International & National Olympiads, National Talent Search Exams and serve as a foundation for professional examinations.

Physical & Artistic Development

Day Boarding Program

The day boarding program carried out in MGS aims at developing the physical and artistic aspect of the child's personality by conducting activities like Visual Art, Performing Arts and various outdoor & indoor sports under the supervision of efficient coaches. The student can choose the activity of his/ her choice & interest.

Instrumental Music Program

Every child is provided intensive training for playing at least one musical instrument of his / her interest. There is a planned & structured curriculum according to the age of the child. Students are also trained for appearing in the Certificate Examination conducted by the Trinity College, London, and other professional exams.

Pre-Vocational Courses

Every child is provided intensive training for playing at least one musical instrument of his / her interest. There is a planned & structured curriculum according to the age of the child. Students are also trained for appearing in the Certificate Examination conducted by the Trinity College, London, and other professional exams.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Community Outreach

Visits to Orphanages, Old age homes, Collection in kind for people affected by natural calamities are some of the activities taken up to inculcate social values in the students. Initiating the Go Green drive the Meghe Group has developed, beautified and maintained squares & dividers in the city of Nagpur by planting a large number of trees.

Leadership Programmes

Student’s Council

With the conviction that Good leaders are developed, not born, the group strives to make the Student Council the most representative body of the students. The council works for the development of students by getting involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Scout & Guide

With an aim to develop the overall personality, the students are provided the opportunities to participate in the Scout and Guide programmes. The activities planned make them mentally and physically strong to enable them make positive contribution not only to the local community but also to the wider world.

Our Endeavours

Intra MGS Competition

Intra MGS competitions are aimed at harnessing and sharpening of talents of the students in different areas.


A National-level Quiz Competition which provides a platform to the students to hone their quizzing skills through critical, analytical and logical thinking areas. This quiz is entirely designed and conducted by MGS.

Various other competitions
  1. Mathematica - Quiz on Mathematics
  2. Spin-a Yarn- Story Weaving Competition
  3. Nrutya Kaumudi- Dance Competition
  4. Prizm- an exhibition on Art is organized
  5. Science Talk & Spell Bee

Life Skills Development

Disaster Management

Disaster Management Training is imparted at school-level to deal with any untoward incidents that may require immediate attention and thereby reduce the vulnerability and improve disaster responsiveness. It gives hands-on experience and instil survival skills among students thus transforming them disaster managers in future.

Club Activities

Various activities to develop life skills in students are conducted in all the constituent schools through different clubs. The students take part in these activities and learn the spirit of co-operation & team work.