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Resource Centre

Resource Centre Activities

Curriculum Planning

MGS believes in 'Learning without Burden' and child's capacity to construct knowledge out of their own experience. The curriculum is designed for the holistic development of the students and is based on National Curriculum Frame Work 2005. It integrates life skills, values and attitudes. Our Pre Primary curriculum is based on four skills viz. Cognitive, Socio-Emotional, Creative Aesthetic and Physical Skills.

Academic Audits

Academic audits are conducted annually to assess & endorse that the school meets the established standards. It helps in upgrading the standards and encourages continuous self assessment, accountability & autonomy in innovation of school education. The guidance by the Academic Audit members also encourages capacity building and professional development of the teachers. These audits are conducted in all the constituent schools of MGS.

Teachers Training

Meghe Smart Academy objectively aims at capacity building and professional enhancement by conducting various teacher trainings and workshops at all levels.

Centralized Examination

A centralized examination committee works towards providing at par education level and consistency of assessments across all MGS schools.

Teaching Learning Material (TLM)

The Resource center arranges various workshops for students for inculcation of values, attitudes, life skills, personality development & interpersonal skills.

Teachers Proficiency Test

Teachers Proficiency Test is a tool used to test the proficiency of our teachers in their subject. TPT is conducted annually to identify areas for development

Remedial and Counselling Cell

A special remedial & counseling cell is functional in MGS with an objective to offer help, support services, guidance to children with special needs, learning disorders, behavioral and emotional counseling.
This cell provides services like assessment, identification and screening of specific learning disorders through
psycho-educational tests. After identification, remedial plans and strategies are developed through Invidualised Education Program (IEP) and group teaching. This process is collaboratively done with the help of trained remedial teachers and counselors to improve language and arithmetic skills.
Trainings are provided on various modules like effective parenting, communication, dealing with emotion and stress, anger management, and other topics of life skills to teaching and non teaching staff, parents and students through seminars and workshops.
Along with all these programs, counseling cell provides facilities like psychological testing based on intelligence, personality, anxiety, cognitive ability etc. Students are trained in various adolescent issues and in dealing with stress during the examination. Also aptitude testing and carrier guidance for higher classes is provided.

Student Development

Teachers Proficiency Test is conducted online for all teachers every year. This helps teachers in unlearning & relearning of the concepts. It is a tool to test the proficiency of a teacher in their subject.


The Annual Teachers and Students conferences serves as a platform for presenting their research papers and as a preparation for their participation in National & International Conferences. Teachers annual conference serve as a tool of peer learning for teachers through cooperative & collaborative exchange amongst the group members on current teaching learning situations. The Students-Led Conference help in enhancing the critical & creative thinking among students. The students are encouraged to perform research work & present it in before a large audience. It develops scientific attitude & temperament which helps them to prepare for further presentations at National conferences. The Student-Led Conference gives them hands-on experience of event organization in which they learn time management, team work and communication skills.
This activity has helped more than 200 teachers and students to participate in national and international conferences. Papers on education, science and Mathematics presented in the conferences by teachers and students have also been published in renowned journals.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classes are conducted by subject experts on various topics. This helps the students to avail the experience of expert teaching.

Lab Development

Resource center provide support for development and enhancement of various labs like Mathematics, Communication, Social studies, Science, Computer labs etc.Support activities include designing experiments, integration of technology, hands on activities, manipulative, interactive learning tools, puzzles which further enrich the learning experience.

Our Resource Person


Always Ahead of the Curve

Academic Head Resource Center, MGS ,Nagpur M.Sc. Mathematics ( Hons ) , B.Ed ,DIT( Diploma in information Technology )-CDAC Certificate Course in Vedic Mathematics


Insights into Technology

22 years of experience in Education field School,Worked as HOD of Computer Depart ment.Supervisor in Bhonsala Military School Nagpur.


Equipped to deliver

Miranda Secondary School, Udaipur (Raj.) - 5 years St. Anthony's Sr. Sec. School, Udaipur (Raj) as PGT (Eng) - 3 years School Of Scholars, Nagpur (Mah) as TGT (Eng) - 5 years; as PGT (Eng) - 2 years


Equipped to deliver

M.A(Hindi,English) , M.Ed.Member Resource Centre(Hindi Faculty) Worked as a teacher & Hindi HOD in Sandipani Hazaripahad, Worked as a teacher in School of Scholars Wanadongri, Nagpur for 5 years.


Music lends wings to the mind

He has 20 years of versatile experience as a music Teacher, Music composer, music arranger, and lyricist with audio/video recording, editing, sound designing and mixing.