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British Council

MGS is associated with British Council for the last five years through Global School Partnership Program. It is a powerful, enjoyable & exciting way of bringing global issues into the lives of young people, teachers, families and local communities. The programme motivates young people to become more informed & active global citizens. It also provides stimulating resources for teachers to enhance the school curricula. MGS is the only educational group in the region to receive a Cluster programme with British Council in UK.

Connecting Classroom

Project helps to build lasting partnership between cluster of schools and develops trust & understanding between the young people in different cultures & societies. Working together on the same project on two sides of the globe is hugely exciting & can lead to extremely beneficial learning outcomes. projects undertaken through these collaborations include Linking Local Communities Globally and Water Conservation with the Cam Everland Primary School, Environmental Destruction with Long Levens Junior School, Comparing village Events and Waste Disposal, pollution and global warming with Horsley C of E Primary School, Exchange of seed development under varied climatic conditions, sustainability, developmental sensitivity, Shakespear’s plays with Cirencister Deer Park School, – Understanding arts & culture of India and UK with Trupp Primary School, Similarities and differences between the History and literature of the religions, similarities and differences between the preaching’s in Holy Bible and Bhagwad Gita, Folk culture of the both the countries,Reasons behind World War II and the effects of the War on socio-political and economic status of the countries with St. Marks’ Church of England Junior School.

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