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Visit to SECMOL – A character building/Multicultural awareness initiative by MGS









Visit to SECMOL – A character building/Multicultural awareness initiative by MGS Meghe Group of Schools has organized an Educational tour to ‘Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh’ (SECMOL) from 7th May, 2018 to 11th May, 2018. SECMOL campus gives prime focus on ideas. It is based on principles that recognize the importance of imagination and creativity in learning. The 5 day tour brought a ton load of experience for the students of School Of Scholars Yavatmal, School Of Scholars Wardha and School Of Scholars Akola kk. The main aim of this tour was to give exposure to students towards completely different style of learning and the concept of self-sustenance. The Students experienced Conversation classes, Cultural programs & work hour – in which they assisted SECMOL students in their daily activities like cooking cleaning, feeding cows etc. with the SECMOL Students. They visited local schools and interacted with locals to develop an understanding of their culture and hardships. They learned how to ram soil and understood the construction of totally eco-friendly and sustainable school building. The Students visited Magnetic Hill, Confluence of rivers Indus and Zangskar, Alchi Monastrey – the oldest monastery of the area and Hall of Fame museum. The enhancement in their experience was the visit to the Ice – Stupa made by Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, the founder of SECMOL, which is a mechanism to provide water to fields during summer. Students of SOS got a chance to interact with Mr. Sonam Wangchuk.  In his interaction with SOS students Mr. Wangchuk explained them about his experiments on Magnetic Hill, the concept behind SECMOL, his life values etc. Juzer Ali of SOS Akola said he “has realized through this tour that overall development is more important than knowledge”. “I have learned devotion & dedication. This tour would assist me to become a better human being” said Netra Bhoot from SOS Yavatmal. The students quoted that they would like to adopt Punctuality, dedication, Natural sustainability and cooperation like the Students of SECMOL. Shreyansh Sethiya from SOS, Wardha is among the ones who are impressed by the Self-sustenance and No-dependency of the SECMOL, and the fact that the entire campus is run by Solar-Energy only no electricity supply is available. He is motivated to adopt the energy saving methods from them. Students are enthusiastic to share their experiences with fellow mates and willing to share responsibilities and strengthen team spirit just like the one they experienced and admired in SECMOL. Such experience result in holistic development of the child. The parents appreciated the initiative.


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